3 Reasons Why Neem Kernel Cake is the Organic Grower's Best Friend

by Sean Matos February 18, 2019

3 Reasons Why Neem Kernel Cake is the Organic Grower's Best Friend

Nature has a plethora of amazing creations for gardeners that we sometimes forget about. These simple yet potent gifts often are overlooked in favor of traditional fertilizers which complicate the growing process and leave growers with less than favorable results. Natural fertilizers like neem cake offer simple and effective solutions for plant nutrition with additional benefits for your soil.  

Neem Fruit - Using Neem in Organic Gardening

Pictured: Neem fruits on a the vine – this fruit and it’s contents has a number of uses and applications across many industries.

What is Neem Cake?

How to Use Neem Fertilizer

Pictured: Multiple preparations of Neem, including bark, powder, and leaf. 

Neem is world-renowned for its agricultural, veterinary and medicinal uses, it is one of the most versatile organic growing products and it’s a must have in any organic grower’s arsenal. Neem comes in many forms, including full-fledged fruits, seeds, neem cake, and neem kernels. Neem cake is a by-product of pressing Neem fruits, where the hulls and seeds are ground and dried into a cake which can be used as a soil amendment or fertilizer.

Pictured: EcoMax 6-1-2 Neem Kernel Fertilizer in Neem Cake Form

One way to get the benefits of neem in your garden is by utilizing products like  EcoMax (6-1-2) Neem Kernel Fertilizer. This CDFA registered and OMRI-Listed input is a vegan-based, organic by-product of crushed neem fruit, neem seeds and neem kernels. EcoMax Neem Kernel Fertilizer allows growers to tap into the benefits of neem that have been utilized for 4,500 years. EcoMax Neem Kernel Fertilizer is 100% safe for your garden as well as child and pet friendly, making it a simple, safe, and effective solution for your garden.

Some of the reasons to utilize EcoMax Neem Kernel Fertilizer include:

  • Supplying plants with high quality organic N-P-K, Micronutrients and trace elements. 
  • Functioning as a soil biology, health enhancer/soil conditioner. 
  • Cost savings by increasing nutrient availability to plants. 

Let’s dive in to some of the reasons why EcoMax has so many benefits that other fertilizers lack.

Reason 1: EcoMax Neem Kernel Fertilizer for Plant Nutrition Purposes

Neem Tree - Using Neem in Organic Gardening

Pictured: A grove of Neem Trees

The neem seed is a by-product from neem oil extraction, but it is one of the most macronutrient dense organic nutrients in the world. EcoMax is made via cold rotary processing without the addition of any steam or chemicals in order to ensure the highest level of bioavailability. The amount of N-P-K varies according to the part of the neem seed that is used and the neem kernel is known to possess the highest amount of macronutrients. EcoMax is harvested sustainably and with a carbon-positive footprint.

Here are some of the benefits of using EcoMax Neem Kernel Fertilizer compared to other fertilizers:

  • A high amount of plant-based N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium). EcoMax is the only neem cake product that offers NPK levels of 6-1-2, one of the highest in the industry. 

  • EcoMax contains a generous amount of macro & micronutrients and trace elements to address any plant nutrient deficiencies.

  • Slow release nutrients in EcoMax provides ample nutrition for 8 weeks and reduces the need for nitrogen fertilizer by nearly 25%.

As a fertilizer, EcoMax is the best-in-class neem fertilizer available – what makes it truly special are the added benefits of adding it into your soil and your feeding regimen, as we will look at next.

Reason 2: EcoMax Neem Kernel Fertilizer as a Soil Health Enhancer/ Soil Conditioner

Neem Fruit - Using Neem in Organic Gardening

We often times forget about the foundation and dwell on the details of our grows. Soil health is essential to grow healthy, high–yielding plants as well as for overall soil fertility. Over utilization of fertilizers tends to rid the soil of it’s beneficial microorganisms that assist in breaking down organic matter into nutrients for plants. Not all fertilizers are created equal. 

Here are some of the benefits for soil unique to EcoMax:

  • EcoMax provides a rich source of vegetable proteins and carbs for soil microbes. This in turn leads to higher nutrient assimilation for the plant. 
  • As EcoMax decomposes over time it produces organic acids that reduce alkalinity of soil and creates an ideal environment for nutrient availability. Heavily alkaline soils can drastically reduce the ability of plants to thrive regardless of how much fertilizer is added.
  • EcoMax increases soil carbon levels which helps with increasing water holding capacity, nitrogen availability and higher water infiltration rates. 
  • EcoMax also improves the overall soil texture. 

With the feeding regimen and soil health providing a solid base for your crop, EcoMax also allows growers to begin to truly save time and money. This brings us to the final reason to utilize EcoMax in your garden.

Reason 3: EcoMax Neem Kernel Fertilizer as a Cost Management Tool

Neem Fruit - Using Neem in Organic Gardening

EcoMax Neem Cake can also be used in conjunction with a good organic fertilizer protocol to help with nutrient retention and nutrient availability:

  • EcoMax Neem Kernel Fertilizer reduces the rate of nitrification and thus prevents the leaching or wastage of nitrogen into water sources and improves the overall cost economics of your fertilizer application. This saves growers money and time in applying nitrogen based fertilizers.
  • Decomposition of EcoMax Neem Kernel Fertilizer produces anions that compete with phosphates to bind with soil clay micelles and as a result creates more bio-available phosphate for the plant. This means that phosphate fertilizers are less likely to be locked up in your soil, and will be more readily available for the plant to absorb.
  • The recommended ratio of EcoMax Neem Kernel Fertilizer to other fertilizers is 10/90 or 25/75. Using EcoMax in combination with other fertilizers maximizes their effect and efficiency. EcoMax Can also be utilized to reduce the odors associated with other organic fertilizers.

So in conclusion, EcoMax Neem Kernel Fertilizer can be utilized for cost savings, improving soil health, and general plant nutrition – this we know. What makes it great are the added benefits that growers get using EcoMax, and this is exactly why we love it here at Left Coast Wholesale. As a cost-effective supplement to a pre-existing feeding program, organic or conventional, EcoMax provides a myriad of benefits not seen from any other single soil amendment available.

EcoMax is currently available exclusively through Left Coast Wholesale and affiliated retail partners. For more information, please contact us at (800)681-1757, or email contact@leftcoastwholesale.com

Sean Matos
Sean Matos


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