G-Lite Fabric Pots - Black with Handles


Made from the same fabric as the standard G-Lite Fabric Pots, but now with added handles for easier transportation.

For those that are cost conscious, the G-Lite fabric pot line is a great option to our original GeoPot fabric pots. The G-Lite fabric pots are made of a slightly thinner material and only have two stitches on the side as opposed to the quad stitching that our GeoPot has. It however is still sewn with a high quality bonded polyester thread, and can withstand constant moisture and UV exposure. The G-Lite fabric pots are breathable and will naturally air prune your plant's roots when they reach the edge of the container and allows for great drainage, creating a healthy environment for the roots.

Benefits of Air-Pruning:

  • Air-pruning exposes root tips to dry air, effectively stopping the roots’ growth. This enables the plant to accommodate its established boundaries and start creating secondary feeder roots rapidly.
  • This cycle repeats continuously, allowing more efficient water and nutrient uptake in your container garden.
  • The overall effect is a well-developed root system in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional planting containers.

G-Lite Fabric Pots - Black with Handles

GeoPot/G-Lite Informational Brochure


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