Left Coast Wholesale and School Garden Network


Left Coast Wholesale is a homegrown company with a love for the culture and art of cultivation. Supporting the growing community, both locally and outside of Sonoma county, is a core tenet of our philosophy - we are excited to work with the School Garden Network to provide growing supplies to schools in their affiliate network.

The School Garden Network promotes and supports school garden programs throughout Sonoma County, providing schools with materials and educational resources to empower youth by teaching healthy eating habits as well as respect and stewardship for all living things.

Their programs help to connect local communities with the food they eat as well as with nature, creating unique opportunities and experiences that are not always available in an increasingly urban world.

Through hands-on education, the School Garden Network teaches and nurtures the habits and lessons taught in the garden for students of all ages. These unique opportunities are an excellent way to get students more involved in subjects they’ll use while participating in the programs such as math, science, English, and social sciences in primary education, as well as a gateway for career opportunities like environmental science, horticulture, and culinary arts in secondary education.

The School Garden Network Affiliate Program links local businesses with the school garden community to provide them with access to things like free seeds and plants, as well as equipment discounts and materials for their school programs.

Members of the School Garden Network can contact Left Coast Wholesale, and they will be eligible to receive a select group of gardening products free of charge. For a list of items available to affiliate program members, click here.

If you are already a member of the School Garden Network Affiliate Program, please contact us via email at contact@leftcoastwholesale.com or via our contact form – a representative will contact you and get your account setup for Left Coast Wholesale product ordering.  Schools not a part of the network can apply by following this link.

Apply Here Visit their Website Available Products for SGN Affiliates