Damaged Items/ Incorrect Shipment/ Shortages:

Submit required documents  along with LCW Return Material Authorization Form  to billing@leftcoastwholesale.com.  Left Coast Wholesale (LCW) will start a claim with the carrier, provide a return label or send the missing items asap.

1. Damaged Items

Damaged items should be refused upon receipt and returned to Left Coast Wholesale.

Left Coast Wholesale cannot offer refunds or replacements for items that are damaged during transit that were ordered out of case quantity

If the item is received before the damage is detected, record the damage on the delivery receipt. If the freight is damaged, make notation on the delivery receipt that accurately describes the damage with photo documentation.  Failure to note damage at the time of the delivery may result in a loss of recourse against the delivery company and will not be covered by LCW.

Submit the following:

Retain the damaged item including packaging until the claim is complete, or as advised by LCW.

2. Incorrect shipment/Shortage

If your shipment does not match your invoice, make a notation on the delivery receipt for items received, as well as items missing. Failure to note mistakes at the time of delivery will not be covered by LCW.

Genesis Bulb Guarantee:

Genesis bulbs purchased through LCW are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship if such lamps are operated on ballasts and luminaries that meet all applicable specifications. This warranty extends  for the period of one year after the date of sale from LCW or, if unknown, a year after the date of manufacture. RMA of the product will not be accepted after the one year period stated above. LCW will cover damages that occur during shipping in case quantity only if claims for damage are noted on the delivery receipt. Follow guidelines for Damaged Items as stated above.

Customer Initiated Returns:

Left Coast Wholesale (LCW) accepts customer initiated returns within one year of the purchase date as long as:

LCW will assess each item upon receipt and reserves the right to refuse any returned product that does not meet these guidelines.

Returns will not be accepted on the following items:

Restocking Fee: 

A minimum 10% restocking fee will be applied to these returns.  Refunds will be given in the form of a Credit Memo.

Return Process: 

To initiate a return, complete the LCW Return Material Authorization Form and email to billing@leftcoastwholesale.com for approval. Upon approval, include a copy of the RMA Form in your package. Use appropriate packaging to ship the items safely back to LCW. Any items not packaged correctly and/or damaged on the return trip will not be accepted. The customer is responsible for all shipping fees on returns.