The Team

Five years in the making, The Left Coast Wholesale Sales team is comprised of men and women who have been carefully selected for their passion for the industry and dedication to the company. Our representatives pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of our products, their ability to educate our clientele and the relationships they build with our customers. Our sales representatives work their hardest to make sure everyone who has our products are provided the most excellent customer service and supply you with all the tools you need to have the best garden possible.

Khanhvi Dang
Chief Executive Officer

Khanhvi is the fearless leader and CEO of Left Coast Wholesale, and one of the original creators of GeoPot. After briefly entertaining the idea of a career in the accounting world as an auditor at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Khanhvi left the industry on a whim to pursue the romanticized pastoral farming and growing life. Khanhvi and her partner conceived the idea for GeoPot in 2008. With extensive background in the hydroponics industry and a shared intrigue for innovation, the two sold the first GeoPot in 2009. To facilitate consistently increasing demand, Left Coast Wholesale was founded in 2014. Khanhvi strives to apply her business structure and strategy experience to distribute fabric pots and all the additional products Left Coast now offers to farmers and gardeners worldwide. She is passionate about instilling rapport-driven partnerships and fostering the human connection with every customer, which is often missing from industry sales relationships. She views her success as being driven by a wholehearted belief in all our products, and a familial relationship echoed among her team. Khanhvi holds a degree from UC Santa Cruz in Business and Computer Science with a minor in Accounting. In her personal life, she enjoys working out, practicing yoga, worldwide traveling, reading suspense novels, munching on international cuisines, and slowly sipping old-fashions.

Amanda Bowman

General Manager
Sales Director

Amanda was first introduced to the company in 2012 when Left Coast was still known as simply “GeoPot”. She was originally brought on to help with accounting and customer service but quickly chose to test her path as a sales representative. After showing extreme versatility within the company, it was clear she had serious passion for the products and customers. Now the General Manager of Left Coast Wholesale, Amanda shows excellent team leadership and resourcefulness everyday she comes into the office. Raised in the small coastal towns her whole life, Amanda understands the value of a personal connection and honest customer service. Integrity and passion is everything in this industry.
“The best part of this job are all the people we get to help and the relationships we get to build…not to mention getting to play in the dirt on the weekends! Left Coast is more than a job, it’s my family.” – Amanda Bowman

Justice Tudor

Marketing and Advertising Director
Creative and Website Development

Justice has lived in Northern California her whole life and from a young age, she has always loved being in the garden. Justice came to us amid our transition from GeoPot to Left Coast Wholesale to assist in the sales management of our growing customer base. With a background in web and graphic design, she quickly took on the responsibility of advertising and social media management. She now is the head of all marketing at Left Coast Wholesale and takes pride in her everyday work. Justice has a lot of love for this company and her co-workers. She is proud to stand behind Left Coast Garden Wholesale and represent the products we offer because she believes we have the best quality for a better price. She and the Left Coast team will work their hardest to make your garden the best.
”To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” – Audrey Hepburn

Andrew Kramer

Sales Representative
Product Development

Andrew came to Left Coast Garden Wholesale after years of being in the wine industry. He felt that working with a company made up of passionate people who truly care about horticulture would be a breath of fresh air. He attended Sonoma State for his bachelor’s degree in Wine Business, but his passion lies in plant studies. Andrew studied Greenhouse Crop Production, Integrated Pest Management, Soil Sciences, and Arboriculture. He is excited to be part of the Left Coast Garden Wholesale Team because it has provided him with the opportunity to meet great people and learn something new every day. His upbeat personality and genuine interest in educating his customers has made him a great asset to Left Coast Wholesale.

Sean Dwyer

Shipping Manager
Receiving Manager

Sean joined Left Coast Wholesale after our transition from GeoPot to help us streamline our shipping process and as well as assist in production. As a youth, Sean would spend his weekends at his father’s work where he uncovered the joy and wonder a warehouse holds. In his adult years, Sean sought out a means to recapture a part of his youth by joining Left Coast Wholesale. As our Shipping and Receiving Manager, he relives those fond memories each and every day, and brings his excitement to the workplace. With an artistic background in fine art, Sean longs for the day his creative passion and professional life will intertwine yet again. As Left Coast moves forward to the future, we cannot wait to see how bright Sean’s star with shine with us.
“Do or do not, there is no try” - Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back



Dustin Marson

Warehouse Manager
Social Media Manager

Dustin holds a degree in Business Management and while living in the rural landscape of Sonoma County, he found his way to Left Coast Wholesale to add structure to our organization. His strong will and determination are the characteristics he implements in every position he holds. His ability to see the potential in a person and harness their talents has elevated Left Coast Wholesale to a higher level.

Nabeel Hassan

Executive Assistant

Nabeel is a Bay Area native who stays “true to his roots”. After studying international relations at Berkeley in 2012, he spent time in the classroom working with kids as a substitute teacher, math tutor, and special education instructor, followed by a brief career in the vintage motorcycle industry. When he’s not working or perpetually stuck in traffic, Nabeel enjoys wrenching on cars and bikes, recording music, attending concerts and festivals, watching movies, going to the gym, shopping for hot deals, and exploring Northern California. Nabeel is committed to maintaining Left Coast’s professional standards, as well facilitating a collaborative and cohesive environment among our team. He embraces the application of unconventional solutions to real-world challenges, and is enthusiastic to contribute to our growing industry.

Meri Riella

Office Administration

Meri was born and raised in the Napa Valley in the heart of the California Wine Country. After graduating High School, she moved to several different cities and States. She eventually found her way back to her roots in Northern California where she feels happiest. She first got her foot in the door of the industry by working at a local well known smoke shop, and Meri began to develop a strong background in retail sales. Initially relying heavily on her sales experience in the beginning, she quickly gained knowledge in all areas, especially networking with a variety of locals in the industry. As her family grew and her life flourished, Meri then sought out a position within a company that would fulfill her career goals. The stars aligned, and timing was just right when she accepted her position with Left Coast Wholesale. She is excited to achieve the most in life as well as continue to "grow" with the company for years to come.

Sean Matos

Office Administration

After residing in San Francisco for the majority of his life, Sean decided to move up to Sonoma County after graduating from San Francisco State University. He comes from the health insurance industry, but has always had an interest in Urban Development with a sustainable, green twist. He has kept his eye on the gardening industry for some time and is excited to finally have the opportunity to immerse himself. Sean has a passion for art and live music and loves to get out and see new talent as it’s always an inspiration to keep creating great things!







Keith Samse

Finance Manager

Keith grew up in the Southern California beach town of Playa del Rey and Malibu Canyon and spent his youth sailing, body surfing, playing guitar, and attended Cal State Northridge while coaching women’s gymnastics. After graduating from University of Wisconsin, Keith moved to San Diego and began his career working in I.T. and software development. Keith has worked in both finance and I.T. ever since college, with a bit of gymnastics coaching sprinkled in from time to time for fun, and plenty of time spent raising his beautiful daughter Kaitlen, who is now a heart cell research scientist in San Francisco. Keith spent 15 years being CFO of three northern California cities, and is so excited to bring that experience to an amazing and growing organization.

Judy Huynh

Accounts Payable

Judy has been a member of the team since the founding of GeoPot over eight years ago. Coming from a background in accounting and payroll, Judy has an incredibly helpful disposition. She is always willing to lead a hand in any task needed. As GeoPot began to pick up steam, Judy was integral in founding the sewing team in San Jose, CA to assist in filling orders faster to meet the continuous demand. Judy loves her family, her kids, Khanhvi and Chau, as well as her beloved dogs, Tezzi and Ginger. When she is not working to help Left Coast Wholesale operate to its fullest potential, you can find Judy outdoors either biking or swimming. Loved by all who work alongside her, Judy is one of the major components to the foundation of Left Coast Wholesale.

Rebeca Escalante

Accounts Receivable

Rebeca was embraced into Left Coast Wholesale family and joined the financial department. She has been working in the accounting industry for many years and continues to thrive with her expertise. Now currently living in Sonoma County, Rebeca was originally from Mexico City. Rebeca’s strong background with finances and general ledger allows her to be resourceful, organized and passionate about her work. She enjoys hiking with her family and dog, loves gardening, and cooking. She always has a great demeanor and understands that by working hard she can be a great addition to the team. Rebeca is proud to bring her many years of knowledge to help grow and advance the organization.