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FlyWeb Sticky Cards – Insect Monitor Cards

Monitor Cards are a staple in any IPM Program. Thrips, Whiteflies, Aphids, Leafminers, and Fungus Gnats can all be identified and detected, as well as controlled using sticky cards and an IPM regimen.

Each double-sided card measures 4” Wide x 8” Tall, and are coated with an all-natural, high strength non-toxic glue designed to have high longevity in high humidity and moisture laden environments. Each side has an easy peel covering to reduce the chance of getting glue on your hands, equipment, or plants.

FlyWeb Sticky Cards feature a serrated design to allow for placement along the base of a plant around the stem to draw out or protect from soil borne pests, or to place on stakes for general canopy monitoring. FlyWeb cards can also be hung from branches on underside of the canopy, or folded into a triangle trap.

FlyWeb Cards are available in Blue/Yellow and Yellow/Yellow

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