FlyWeb - Insect Monitor Sticky Cards

Fly Web

FlyWeb® Insect Monitor Cards are designed to capture all types of insects that harbor in and around plants.

Fungus gnats, white flies, aphids, thrips, and leafminers are just a few of the species attracted to these traps. FlyWeb® Insect Monitor Cards feature an easy peel dual sided glue to reduce contact with hands and perforated cards for placement around the base of the stem or plug, tight space monitoring/control, or for general canopy monitoring. Available in Blue/Yellow and Yellow/Yellow.

Catch rates of the different species of insects is maximized by using two insect attracting colors on each trap; Brilliant Blue and Yellow.

PRO TIP: For soil borne insects or protection of young plants, perforations allow for placement at the base of the plant and can be hung without having excess weight on developing branches.

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