Genesis - 1000W Double Ended Bulb

Genesis Bulbs

Designed specifically for the horticulture industry, Genesis Bulbs use a unique spectrum that incorporates the latest advancements in plant science. The bulbs deliver 27% more energy in the blue and red enhanced ARC spectrum, and secure up to 19% more total spectral energy than leading competitors’ bulbs.

Genesis Bulbs have been tuned for the proper color-rendering index when overclocked to 10% of their stated wattage. The bulbs are engineered to reduce the total harmonic distortion when operated with most name-brand ballasts, which delivers longer arc tube life and slower PAR output depreciation.

The Genesis DE "Enhanced ARC" lamp supplies all of the benefits this California based brand is known for, unique "Top Tier" performance at a tremendous value.

Genesis DE 1000w HPS offers a true horticulture performance with enhanced UV spectra, while supplying the highest PAR output in the industry. Due to enhanced UV, Genesis DE lamps promote healthier vegetative growth and increased essential oil production in flower, while still supplying the intensity DE lamps are known for to maximize your flower size and weight.

Genesis DE lamps have been developed for commercial reliability and performance, providing one of the lowest depreciation rates of DE lamps tested on the market.

The Genesis testing lab has one of the highest levels of quality control in the industry.

Genesis - 1000W Double Ended Bulb


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