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Designed specifically for the horticulture industry, Genesis Bulbs use a unique spectrum that incorporates the latest advancements in plant science.

The bulbs deliver 27% more energy in the blue and red enhanced ARC spectrum, and secure up to 19% more total spectral energy than leading competitors’ bulbs.

Genesis Bulbs have been tuned for the proper color-rendering index when overclocked to 10% of their stated wattage. Genesis Bulbs are engineered to reduce the total harmonic distortion when operated with most name-brand ballasts, which delivers longer arc tube life and slower PAR output depreciation.

The Genesis MH Bulb delivers 22% more energy in the blue and red enhanced ARC spectrum and provides 17% more total spectral energy over leading competitor brands which increases your plant responses, providing more vigorous growth during the vegetative stages.

Spectral enhancements deliver a thicker stem and cell wall, as well as less plant stretching and smaller internodal spacing and increased total PAR output displays stronger intrinsic genetic attributes.

Genesis Bulbs can be mounted in vertical and horizontal lighting fixtures and Pulse Start Technology is used in all Genesis Bulbs.

Genesis - Metal Halide Bulbs

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