Geoflora Nutrients - VEG Dry Granular Fertilizer

Geoflora Nutrients

Simple, Effective, Granular. 

GEOFLORA VEG - One Part VEG Formula

  • Complete 1 Part vegetative stage fertilizer
  • OMRI-Listed formula contains 19 Inputs.
  • Diverse nitrogen sources
  • Specially selected  charge of beneficial bacteria
  • Unique Granular Form Factor - No Dust, No Mixing, and No Caked Powders!

Make Any Soil Super Soil

Geoflora VEG can be applied to the soil prior to transplant, creating a ready-to-plant super soil that can be re-amended every two weeks or as needed until the flowering cycle. VEG contains organic nutrient sources in ample supply to eliminate the need for frequent re-amending. 
Geoflora VEG works best with Peat or Coconut Fiber based growing media and  soils, and should not be used in aquaponic or soil-less grow media such as Rockwool.

Flowering? Try BLOOM!

For Flowering, simply switch to Geoflora BLOOM when your plant shows the first signs of flowering. Geoflora VEG And BLOOM are a part of the 2-Part Geoflora Nutrients feeding program. 
Currently not available in CA. 

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