Green Planet Nutrients - Dual Fuel 2

Green Planet Nutrients

A two-part commercial-grade base nutrient, Dual Fuel is designed for use at 1:1 ratio throughout the life cycle of a crop.

Dual Fuel 2 formula’s complete nutritional profile boosts vegetative growth and speeds up flower stacking, promoting quicker crop rotations. Dual Fuel is suitable for all planting mediums and is compatible with all fertilizer-injector systems.

Dual Fuel is sediment free, intentionally dye free and has a natural pH setpoint of 6–6.5, reducing the need for aggressive acidic or alkali chemicals.

Dual Fuel features a 1:1 usage ratio throughout the entire life cycle of the plant, and is sediment and dye free with a pH of 6-6.5

Dual Fuel 2 is best used with Dual Fuel 1 for optimal results.

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