Left Coast Wholesale SKRUBB - Horticultural Odor Control

Left Coast Wholesale

Odor control can frequently be an afterthought in the planning phases of a large cultivation project. SKRUBB is here to offer a new solution to odor control for growers. 

SKRUBB is a unique, Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly, and fully biodegradable formulation specially designed to eliminate odors from large, land based sources. Deployable in water based delivery systems, including water walls and atomizing misters. SKRUBB is also compatible with evaporative cooler units of all sizes.

SKRUBB works to eliminate odors in the air by disassembling them on a molecular level, and replacing them with a gentle, pleasant scent that is not overpowering or overwhelming. 

For more information on SKRUBB, including how to use it, application rates, and best practices, check out our Blog. 

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